Traffic Fines Will Be Written

Drivers who exceed the speed limit in highways and cities will now be fined if cruising. Images and photos taken while cruising will be sent to the driver.
Fixed and cruising radar application was performed on the Karabük-Safranbolu highway by the teams of the Karabük Police Department Traffic Registration and Inspection Branch Directorate. Drivers who entered the radar by exceeding the speed limit were fined, drivers not wearing seat belts were stopped and warned, brochures were distributed. Fines will be sent to the addresses of the drivers who exceed the speed limit in the radar application, while the camera records and photographs will be sent to the address of the driver who was fined. Karabük Police Director Oktay Keskin, "Turkey has been found that in general in 2013 January and February in speed and speed depending violated traffic rules as a result of total traffic accidents in a traffic accident that occurred in the share of the 47,6 percent. The years of 2013 and 2014 have been declared the years of speed and seat belt in our country, and during these years the speed and safety belt inspections are increased and the deaths due to traffic accidents are reduced and our citizens travel in peace and security. seat belt inspections will be emphasized. Therefore; Radar speed inspections throughout the province will be carried out during the day and at night, 24 hours a day, while cruising or stationary without a dialing team. Speed ​​Limits on Our Highways; 70 Km / h between Karabük-Safranbolu Highway Namal Junction and Industrial Junction, 50 Km / h from Karabük - Safranbolu Highway Industrial Junction to Safranbolu Kıranköy Junction, 50 Km / h from Karabük - Kastamonu Highway Balıklarkayası Intersection, Karabük - Kastamonu Highway From the direction of Kastamonu, 110 Km / h from Karabük - Ankara Highway Noon Junction 110 Km / h from Karabük - Bartin Highway Kirkille Junction, 110 Km / h from Karabük - Bartin Highway Eflani Road Junction, 90 Km / h from Kastamonu - The distance between Bartın Highway Kirkille Junction and Kastamonu Road Junction is 110 Km / h. 10 TL if the specified speed limits are exceeded from 30 percent to 166.00 percent (including thirty), and 30 TL if more than 343.00 percent are exceeded. An Administrative Fine of 77.00 TL will be applied to drivers who do not wear seat belts. In these inspections; Radar warning signs will not be placed in order to improve the habits of our citizens to obey traffic rules, and our citizens should wear their seat belts, do not follow closely while driving, do not drive at excessive speed, do not violate the light, do not talk with mobile phones while driving, and obey traffic signs and markers.
22 4 TL penalty was applied to the total 500 vehicle.

Source: I stargünde

Günceleme: 22/12/2018 17:07

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