The Place of Road Transport in Foreign Trade

Road Transport pending in global imbalances has received about the plans to become even more pronounced in Turkey. As of the end of 2004 in Turkey's foreign trade volume of 160,66 billion US dollars found.
The importation of road transport was realized as 97,9 billion, and exports were realized as 63,1 billion USD. When the figures of the first eight months of 2005 are analyzed, it is seen that the foreign trade volume exceeds 121 billion dollars.
Except for trade with overseas countries, a significant portion of other foreign trade is realized through road transport, and the amount and share of carriage over the road is increasing every year due to the increase in foreign trade.
on average per year to Turkey's economy with shipments made as a transit of international road transport it appears to have provided the 3,5 billion US dollars of foreign exchange.
While 95,2% of the passenger transportation carried out in the country is done by road, this rate is 79% in EU countries and 89% in the USA. The rate of road use in freight transportation is around 76,1% in our country. This rate is approximately 45% in EU countries and 69,5% in the USA.

Source: internethaber



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