Two Distant Cities Encounter

Antalya and Mersin, which are known as the most remote neighboring cities, will get closer with the Mediterranean Coast Road project.
Due to the steep ramps and the sharp bends arranged one after the other, the drivers of the Mersin-Antalya highway, where the drivers make a gelen steep road zaman, sometimes require the drivers coming from the opposite directions to stop the vehicles and give way to each other.
In order to make a safe journey between the two provinces, the General Directorate of Highways is working on the Mediterranean Coast Road project initiated in 2003.
When the project is completed, the distance between Mersin and Antalya will shorten the 20 mileage and the winding roads will be replaced by divided roads. 8-1 hours will be reduced after the project is completed.
Most of the time, day and night without the distinction of work as a result of the studies, the drivers will be able to travel more safely on divided roads.
Highways 5. Deputy Regional Director Bülent Hacak, AA correspondent, said the project covers the distance between Antalya and Mersin to 437 kilometers, he said.
The 227 kilometer section of the Kaledran village between Mersin and Antalya is on the highway 5. Hacak stated that the Regional Directorate was in the area of ​​responsibility, ifade 158 kilometer part is completed. In the remaining 69 kilometer section, 5 continues to work in a separate place. Kalan
Hacak stating that some changes have been made in the project, he gave the following information: With the new viaducts between Melleç and Kaledran, the number of viaducts increased to 7. At this point, when the project works are completed, we will start to work in this region by making one or two tenders according to the size of the work. 22 billion 14 million pounds will cost 2 million pounds until now for the project was spent. We aim to complete the hot asphalt pouring business this year. In Hacak said that the work started in 200.
Mersin Tourism Platform President Numan Olcar said that transportation facilities are of great importance for the development of tourism, and Mersin, which has a significant potential in this regard, could not get a share of the tourism cake at the desired level due to transportation difficulties.
Olcar, who reminded that the transportation of Mersin to Antalya was provided with difficulty, said: şöyle As a result of the works carried out, our connections with Antalya are strengthening. It is also very hopeful that an international airport will be built in Mersin. When these two studies are done, we think that the region will develop in the field of tourism. Right next to Mersin, Antalya is an important actor in tourism. However, due to the fact that the city centers are far from each other and the transportation is difficult, the provinces cannot trigger each other. When completed it will be thrown in the Mediterranean coastal road is a very serious step for Turkey tourism. Antalya and Mersin will not be rivals but complement each other. The road between the two provinces will be an extremely important advantage. We look forward to the completion of the work. M

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