Teleferik at Christmas

IZMIR Metropolitan Municipality, Balcova'a 12 million TL, 8 people with cabinets per thousand 200 people can carry, laid the foundation of the new ropeway in EU standards.

Kocaoglu, met with the death of the municipality Izmit as a result of the work of the municipality faced the work of 650 workers evaluated the situation.

Kocaoglu, in particular, the trade unions, "Cancel the tender," he said responding to everyone who responded to the necessarily wanted to remove subcontracting, said the following:

Iy I urge all MPs, trade unions and non-governmental organizations to struggle for the abolition of the TGNA's subcontracting order in order to ensure the right of labor and not to live with fear of dismissal of labor. The law is clear. I'm not taking refuge anywhere. In the 2009 stem from the subcontractor to the institutions of the Republic of Turkey excavations mayor, 'Let the workers in 650, you give' he does not need anyone to make recommendations. We know the subject, our heart is burning. But we are doing the right job, the right management, the right politics. Oğlu If no objection to İZELMAN's objections, the 650 worker will leave their way, indicating that the legal regulation requires it.

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