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Bursa Governor Sahabettin Harput, Demirtaş Rotary Club led by Rotary Clubs Joint Meeting held in the city told about the tourism activities.
Speaking at the meeting held in Bursa Rotary Clubs member 100 Rotary Governor Harput, as a result of planned work in the future of Bursa is a world-renowned tourism city laid the foundations of being laid. Demirtaş Rotary Club mayor Can Köseleci, who made the opening speech at the meeting, stated that the rotary clubs are non-governmental organizations consisting of businessmen and businessmen, and said, kulüp We are a service organization working in the ideal of giving back to society. Rotary Clubs gather every week to improve their friendship. In our weekly meetings, we invite speakers on different topics and try to improve our knowledge as a result of their presentations. Haftalık

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Governor Sahabettin Harput, Bursa has a very important tourism potential, stating that they started a planned study to mobilize this potential, he said. Harput said, im We delivered the beautiful plain to unplanned industry. Of course there is no industry-free development. However, Bursa industry should make high value-added products after that. Ancak


Governor Harput, who emphasized that tourism is the main subject of his agenda in the last three years, stated that many countries in the world or the city became a tourism brand with a single richness and added, Son I'm sure you went to Paris, Dubai. What did you see, for Christ's sake? You saw an iron tower, desert sand being marketed. Bursa, which has a lot of richness, is a great vebal and historical responsibility for us to not even read its name in tourism Bir.


Governor of Harput said that they are working to be the health base of Bursa and that the city will turn into a health base with its thermal resources. Governor Harput reminded that the Ministry of Economy has taken the agenda to be a thermal tourism region of Bursa and said: ığ We have reached the bed capacity of 7 bin. Applications related to Dağyenice found 1 billion dollars. Turkey's first and only thermal resort is being built in Bursa. There are applications to establish an elderly holiday village for people of 55 age and above coming from Europe. Avrupa


Referring to the tourism activities in Uludag, Governor Harput, this year 2. Uludag Economic Summit began to move to the international dimension, Uludag planning problems are about to be solved and in the years to come, Uludağ Economic Summit will be as prestigious as Davos emphasized, aya Prime Minister Uludag attaches special importance. We work for Uludağ by including central and local governments. Ulu

After the speech of Governor Harput Demirtaş Rotary Club President Can Köseleci presented a plaque commemorating the activities and night of Governor Harput together with other Rotary Club Presidents in the hall.

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