Thief stealing high-voltage cables from TCDD has been arrested | Bilecik

TCDD's high-voltage cables stealing the thief arrested
The person allegedly stole electric cables from the high-voltage line of TCDD was arrested in Pazaryeri district of Bilecik.

According to information received, the gendarmerie teams, 8 April in the district of Karakoy in his research on theft alarm, TCDD 4 meter of high-voltage line between the high-voltage line in the study that began to work on the electric cable in the study, the car fleeing from the scene Bozüyük-Baharöz location found abandoned. Teams, hidden between the bushes 206 meter copper cable and tools used in the event and the bank cards were seized in the car.

H.Ü, alleged to have been involved in theft, was detained in his home in Demirköy, a district. HU referred to the courthouse, was arrested by the court.

It was learned that HU had previously had a criminal record of theft.

The 4 meter electric cable was stolen from the high-voltage line between the 206 mast of the TCDD in Karaköy and the car fleeing the scene was found abandoned in the Bozüyük-Baharözü site.

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