Privatization in TCDD began controversial

Privatization in TCDD began controversial
The union launched an action against the privatization of TCDD. TCDD management 'No privatization' made the description.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) react to customize the United Transport Workers' Union, it would endanger the traffic safety and defended well from the time she could handle some of the train. TCDD, "narrow, introverted and non-competitive sector, the operation of monopoly logic is contrary to the requirements of the era and the mind," he explained.
Unions due to railway workers, started walking around Turkey against privatization, United Transport Workers Union of preparing the report, suggests that the subcontractor to pass after the privatization of the railway operations. Da This operation will bring chaos along with our railways. This will mean that traffic safety is now jeopardized and accidents are taken into account when considering the accidents on our railroads. Bu

Customizing becomes expensive
In the report, it has been suggested that in countries where railways are opened to third parties, accidents increased, passenger and freight transportation services became expensive and the number of employees decreased. In the same report, tir special monopoly ver warning in the railroads, uluslararası as in the case of Dutch and Danish German DB Schenker Rail company may create international monopoly to dominate the cargo transportation, “said the statement.
TCDD staff will be encouraged to retire before privatization and the report will decrease.

'Privatization, not privatization'
TCDD underlined the fact that the de Law on the Liberalization of the Rail m is about the liberalization of railways and it is not in question that the privatization of railways is wrong.
In the statement of the General Directorate, it was stated that there is no sale and transfer of the law and therefore the removal of the monopoly rights in railway operations is reflected as privatization. The decision to walk to Ankara, the workers are not the workers, as alleged in the statement, the railroads organized by three unions who are not authorized to act as a trade union, so it was argued that the views of the employee of the 36 thousand railway.
The action will not contribute to the railroads and the country, the statement said, no developed monopoly application in any country reported to be left, while drafting the bill, including the union in the action was discussed with all relevant stakeholders.

'No loss of rights'
The bill does not allow the loss of rights of any of the railways highlighted the statement, continued:
T In the liberalization model stipulated by the bill, TCDD TAŞ. subsidiaries are established. This model is a model which has been known and implemented by TCDD for years. The bill aims to create a trend in favor of the railway among other modes of transport, ensuring full utilization of the country's railway capacity. In the period when railways are considered as state policy, large railway projects that have not been realized so far have been realized and our country has become an advantageous country among the Asian-European transportation corridors by creating a railway transportation corridor; It is against.

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