TCDD is not the capital but the people

TCDD is not the capital but the people
Öğüt reacted to the sale of TCDD under the name of liberalization.
Turkey About Draft Law on Railway Transport Liberalization of talks began last week in the Parliamentary General Assembly. The CHP Istanbul deputy Kadir Gökmen Öğüt came as a reaction to the bill, which was widely reacted on the grounds that the railroads were publicized under the name of ir liberalization tepki and the private sector was given a monopoly.

Öğüt said that the law had a single aim from the beginning to the end, and that the use of the word CD liberalization inin meant privatization. It was inevitable that the TCDD would be restructured and adapted to the requirements of the age.

Ti TCDD, should not serve the capital, but the public should serve, güv said Öğüt, the law will pass the traditional railway transportation to the foreign hands will pass, who already work, experienced employees retired and the place of precarious work system workers will be brought to work, he added.

Laş In the event that the bill is legalized, railway transportation, which is still an alternative and important transportation network for large sections, will become expensive. Accidents and disruptions will be inevitable as the experience of the cadres, which will be brought to the place by the liquidation of the employees who have been working for this job for many years, will be discussed. Uzun


Öğüt said that the privatization plan of the railways had been prepared in advance, Haydarpaşa Train Station was disengaged step by step with an organized operation, Istanbul was disconnected from Anatolia when the flights were lifted and workers, officials and students were selected as the cheapest and safest way.

”People who do not know the money in the pocket of the people who do not, and who is not interested in the pocket, the trouble of filling the pocket of his supporters, meyen said Öğüt, continued his words as follows.

Tır He left Haydarpaşa dysfunctional, and distracted the public and plastered the arms for a new zoning operation. As it is not enough, they are now planning to destroy Haydarpasa and its surroundings. So far, except for Turkey is unprecedented in any country where the destruction of cultural values. Haydarpaşa is the nostalgia of everyone with its five-year history. Haydarpaşa not only history but longing, joy, tears smells. Touching there means betrayal of history, betrayal of the public. However, it was decided to organize the Haydarpasa Train Station as a cultural facility and accommodation area in the zoning plan prepared by the AKP members of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. 1,5 thousand square meters of 817 million square meters area will be reserved for construction. The last remaining area of ​​the public in Istanbul will be intensively built up and will become a hotel and a trade center. İstanbul

Öğüt said that the most important institutions of the republic had been taken out by privatizing the AKP for the first time and added, döneminde AKP will remain under the rails one day. Railways are the people and should remain the people, Demir he said.

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