TCDD General Manager Karaman met with new psychologists

📩 25/11/2018 19:01

TCDD General Manager Karaman met with new psychologists
A four-day working meeting was held at the Head Office building with newly recruited psychologists to work in seven regional directorates in order to ensure that the personnel within our organization work in a more comfortable environment and to find solutions for the problems of the personnel themselves and their families.

The psychologists of the institution stated that they had the opportunity to convey the problems of the personnel to the General Manager within the scope of the meeting and stated that they always felt their support in the solution of the problems.

Attitude, behavior and corporate culture perceptions of mechanics working at TCDD General Directorate are determined.

The general directorate of the Turkish State Railways decided to examine the psychological causes of the accidents.

General Directorate of TCDD, the vocational high school graduates according to the KPSS score is taken by the machine mechanics 14 weekly course.

Successfully completing the course, 2 has been working on trains as an assisting mechanic throughout the year. The 8 gets the title of a mechanic at the end of a weekly training and the 2 receives a medical report once a year and the 4 is undergoing a psycho-technical test every year. After the 45 age, the mechanics take the medical report every year and the 2 enters the psycho-technical test once a year.



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