TCDD employees came from six arms and surrounded Ankara

TCDD employees came from six arms and surrounded Ankara
United Transport Workers' Union (BTS) and the Turkish Transportation You (TUS) Platforms railways employees Founded by calling members, six from the center of Turkey's Parliament before their march to Ankara crowned with a wide range of action. "If the bill is not withdrawn, we are on strike across the country on April 16," said the railway workers, who protested that the bill on the liberalization of rail transport pass the Commission on Public Works, Reconstruction, Transport and Tourism.

The protesters gathered in front of the General Directorate of State Railways in Ankara, "The railway is public, not sold!" "AKP law, play it!" He walked up to Dikmen entrance of the Assembly by throwing slogans.

During the march, Platfom members wrote, "Schools were closed and hospitals were taken over by BTS Education Organization Secretary." Haydarpasa harbors burned, it became ash. O railroaders, don't be silent, passengers. No black train is coming, don't stop, passengers. O iron passengers, don't be silent, passengers are resisting KESK members. The black train is mourning.

Democratic mass organization representatives participated in the march, which started from the train station, and supported it. CHP Deputies Süleyman Çelebi, Musa Çam, Sakine Öz, İlhan Demirci, BDP Deputy Demir Çelik, KESk Secretary General İsmail Hakkı Tombul, Eğitim Sen President Ünsal Yıldız, BES President Ahmet Kesik, Türk-İş President İsmail Koncuk gave support by joining.

Stating that they set off from Diyarbakır on March 28, BTS Diyarbakır Branch President Uğur Yaman stated that he had been working on railways for 18 years and said: “We have been on the road since the 28th of the month. We explained to the public that the railway will be privatized by making explanations on all the road routes we passed. Our people cannot believe this situation. When we look at it, people have internalized railways, they see it as a symbol of the state. It is necessary to ask where the understanding of the social state in the article 2 of the Constitution remains. The state should not aim to profit from transportation. Transportation is right, we are against the unemployment problem waiting for us, flexible employment ”.

Samsun BTS member Erdoğan Özçelik stated that they have been on the road for 3 days and that it is a visible fact that the people have been digested in Sivas in Amasya until they come to Ankara, “Our people have been suppressed in the face of the political power. After the announcement, we will return to our provinces and organize the strike that we will carry out on 16 of them. ”

. We are here to say no to the Peshkesh law. Our people are trying to be silenced. But when we look at people against the privatization of railways, lar he said.

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