Tumbling vehicle entered the Metrobus road (Video)

Tumbling vehicle went on the road of BRT
In a traffic accident involving two vehicles on the E-5 highway in Bakırköy, a car that got out of control at night, rolled over and entered the metrobus line. 3 people were injured in the accident.
The accident occurred around 5 at night near the E-01.30 highway, İncirli Metrobus Station. In a traffic accident that occurred as a result of excessive speed and carelessness, the car, which was traveling from Avcılar to Bakırköy direction, crashed into another vehicle driven by Soner Albenli from the rear. The car, which got out of control with the severity of the impact, crashed into the barriers and rolled over. Soner Albenli, Pınar Albenli, and a person whose name could not be identified, were injured in the car that entered the metrobus line.
The wounded were brought to the hospital by the ambulance from the scene to be treated.
Metrobus traffic due to the accident was provided in a single lane, the accident was sent to the scene after the police teams.
An eye witness witnessed the accident, gü There was a big explosion. The rear-end car was very fast. There were wounded in the vehicle, tumbling.
Following the examinations at the crime scene, the car in the metrobus line was removed, while municipal officials cleaned the road.
Police launched an investigation into the accident.



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