Last Castle TÜDEMSAŞ

Last Castle TÜDEMSAŞ
As the bureaucrats began in the public speeches of the politicians, N A sun was born in 1939, they named the Cer Workshop. Büro

Right now, in the beginning of the 1930s, what should we do in Sivas? It is known that the private sector has not developed in those years, the years when it was powerless.

If something is done, the room is from the father of the state.

A workshop was established in Sivas with the support of the Germans. Great Leader unseen opening in health. Opened in 1939.

The factory, which started to produce wagons for rail transport, moved people from cafes and villages to cars.

A profession, a business owner.

Years have chased, the number of employees reached 5000'lar. One in every three people living in Sivas indirectly ate bread here. When the workshop pipe sits, a magnificent crowd departs and the shopkeepers of the city will celebrate.

They say; When she went to ask for a girl working in the workshop, she would try to give her father two daughters.

Charcoal free, 4 train ticket free of charge per year, towel, soap, shoe etc.

While there was a giant like Tudemsas in Sivas, it did not develop the sub-industry and the private sector. They stayed away from the trade head of the city and they transferred their investments to non-property and banks.

Turkey xnumx'l called the year of privatization in the mid cambazlıkl until he met, things did not go bad.

Until now; Until he moved most of his Cer Ceramics to his hometown of Malatya.

Until the workbenches are dismantled and transported by wagons, nobody is aware of what is going on. Cer Ceramics with the name SİDEMAS started to agitate.

The number of employees 5 has come down from thousands to thousands of 2. The pensioner is stuck away. No one has been replaced.

In fact, the betrayal began to Sivas.

In this unskilled policy has entered into the business, the clumsy face of politics showed itself there.

The company is not renewed, the right to invest, the machines are old, so dozens of reasons, we prepared to batsin.

He made it to the competition.

The number of employees has fallen to thousands.

Then others came out and said, apart Where are my houses, my residences. I lost rents in the field Tüdemsaş, received unaware of the job site.

They told the politicians of the news, let Tüdemsaş'ı no benefit from you there, they give you support to the private sector, they said.

Some said miş you are right un, some said in do not do it, sit down where you sit! “.

We came today, a little showcase change, a little head change, intentions will do something, I hope we say.

It is not enough, but we say yes, classical politics discourse.

As TÜDEMSAŞ became smaller, the city started to despair and blood lost.

The appointed, what I do not do, how to protect my chair has fallen into trouble. In politics, the union system has also allowed it, sir. Until now.

We are now looking for new breakthroughs, new investments.

The power is with you, the mind is not.

Our aim is to increase the number of employees and production as soon as possible.

Cer Atölyesi, Sidemas, Tudemsas, Sivas is the honor of being aware you know? That's the Last Castle. If it falls, but does not slice Düş

The plague is too heavy.

Now is the time, the exact time.

Stay healthy.

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