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Sea bird service increased on high demand
The seaplane flights, which are launched by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality between Istanbul and Bursa to 18 minutes and launched as 4 flights every day except Tuesday, are launched on 17 April Wednesday as 6 is launched.

The seaplane, which is one of the most important links of the transportation investments chain of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and which reduces the distance between Istanbul and Bursa to 18 minutes, is very popular. 1, 2 from Gemlik and 2 from Gemlik every day of the week except Tuesday, has been carrying 4 passengers to date with 100 occupancy rate of 600. Upon the continuous increase in the number of people who prefer seaplane transportation between Bursa and Istanbul, Burulaş decided to increase the voyages from 17 in April.

6 flight per day
17 April will begin on Wednesday according to the new arrangement on the Kadir Has University Street Kadir Has University on the street next to the Municipality of Istanbul Sports Facilities 9.00, noon 12.15 and at night 18.00 hours of seaplane will take off. The flight times from Gemlik port were determined as 09.45 in the morning, 13.00 at noon and 18.45 in the evening. Those who would like to take advantage of the 100 for the price of 18 TL between Bursa and Istanbul will be able to get tickets from Burulaş's website at or from 444 99 16.

Great advantage over time
Mayor Recep Altepe reminded that 2013 was a year of transportation in Bursa, and that they were approaching 100 thousand passengers in the sea bus service, and the occupancy rate of 100 in seaplane was showing the accuracy of the investments made. Expressing that today is the most important value of time, President Altepe, işler Both our businessmen and our frequent and frequent executives who had to travel to Istanbul were competing in time to get their business done in a day. Those who prefer seaplane in transportation find the opportunity to take a step forward in this race. Expeditions can be increased even more when the flights are increased on demand. Talep
Mayor Altepe thanked the citizens of Bursa and Bursa for their interest in sea bus and seaplane flights.


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