Railway workers start march in Ankara

Railway workers start march in Ankara
In Izmir, members of the United Transport Union (BTS) marched from Izmir to Ankara to protest the privatization of railways.

Basmane gathered in front of the BTS Station Izmir Branch member of the group of about 50 personality 'of Railway Transport Liberalization of Turkey to protest the bill will 4 days began to walk through Ankara. Before walking the press release, Office Workers' Union of Turkey (Turkish Büro-Sen) Chairman Fahrettin made hill. The political power by which a large number of public institutions and organizations that privatized Yokus, under the name of many institutions under the name of privatization, suggested that the public was withdrawn. Stating that there are railways in the government's target of privatization, Uşak said:

Üyor Political power continues to sell public institutions and organizations in a way that does not rule. With these privatizations, the front of outsourced workers is seen as slaves. In 2002, there were 20 thousand subcontractors working in the public sector, and now this number has increased to 155 thousand. The aim of the AKP is to bring cheap labor to the country and to make the people poorer. Railways are taken to the private sector by this law. We're going to stand against this. Railroad employees want to serve their citizens. Social state speeches and subcontracting can not be opened. We want this wrong policy back. If we do not return from this bill, our actions will continue to increase.


Following the press release by the BTS 5 different provinces in Turkey who walk through the privatization of the railways initiated protest against the bill Izmir started up. Community 'The next day will turn to the AKP will account for the public', 'Railways law will be withdrawn' and 'We will win the merger together' with the slogans, accompanied by the police from the Basmane Station to the front of the Gate of Culture Park Montreux walked. The members of the BTS Izmir Branch will go to Ankara, where they took the bus waiting for them to move to Manisa. The members of the BTS Izmir Branch will travel through Balıkesir, Kütahya and Eskişehir to Ankara.

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