Private Companies Will Carry People On Railways Before Load

Private Companies Will Carry People On Railways Before Load
Legislation on private transport in railway transport was completed. Private companies can start freight transport and private passenger transportation can be passed after 2018

After the legal arrangement that opens the door to private enterprises in railway transportation, investors are expected to expect conditions to mature. In the first instance, it is expected that private cargo transportation can be started, and it is estimated that approximately 5 will be needed for private passenger transportation in the railways which still need investment.
According to the alty Law on Liberalization of TCDD lar adopted in the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly on Wednesday, investments in high-speed rail infrastructure in the liberalization process, double or multiple lines of lines as well as investments in the renewal of the railway infrastructure, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications' s. However, if the construction of the lines known as ğ iltisak line lar line and which industrialists can use, the immovables required by the line will be allocated to the 49 yearbook. If the expropriation price, the line will be taken from the requestor. In particular, organized industrial zones, large industrial establishments, ports and wharfs, such as all of the center of the load is connected with the connection lines.

Cycle to 49 yearbook
If the companies want to build a railway infrastructure, the immovable properties required by the railway infrastructure to be constructed will also be given on condition that they do not exceed 49. The cost of this expropriation will also be taken from the companies.
The personnel, tools and devices of TCDD will be transferred to TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. The staff will also pass on maintaining the company's staff and positions. TCDD's financing deficits will be closed by the Treasury after the law enters into force. Employees in TCDD will be paid extra pension if they retire, thus reducing staff before privatization.
According to Milliyet, the train lines need time to see the locomotives of private companies. The reason is that the railway infrastructure is still not efficient.

Time and cost pressure
Approximately 91 of the current train lines is operating as a yüzde single line Mevcut. 26 of the lines have electrification and 32 has signaling. These infrastructures need to be completed in order for the private sector to pay attention to the railway. However, closed stations must be opened.
Liberalization of the competition environment is expected to occur, the risk of cost pressure will occur. The collection of infrastructure expropriations from companies is expected to raise costs in private freight and passenger transport. Turkey 500 million tons per year over the load being carried, rail 5 percent of it is used for. 10 billion liras in the next 45 year railways are planned to be invested, while entering the private sector in the private sector will begin with freight transport, rail transport to private passengers after the 2018'dan will be recorded.

Speed ​​on normal trains will be 160 km / h

Ankara-Eskisehir and Ankara-Konya high-speed train (YHT) lines, the signaling of the Sun Transportation company CEO Murat Atik, the high speed trains outside the normal train line studies were carried out to increase speed.
In line with the maintenance of regular lines, the maximum speed of normal trains 120 km / s 160 is working to increase the reported Atik, "Lines this speed is removed, the work continues successfully," he said.
Atik stated that TCDD had also taken action for the project of localization in signaling and that they had established a company for this. Atik said that the company was established jointly with the Italian Ansaldo STS. The software company will be here. Our production will be largely domestic but 100 percent will not be domestic. The company is scheduled to start operating next year. Şirket

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