Initiated patch preparation on the asphalt in the north

In order to prepare the 2013 year asphalt, the patch works are carried out by the group of airport -Aşağıtıüşkü village group.
In Malatya Provincial Special Administration General Directorate of Road and Transportation Services 2012 in the countryside 408,3 km asphalt patch work was done on the road and the cost of drying was stated to be 2.021.742 TL.
Irfan Kaya, the Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, and Battal Tuncal, the member of the Akçadağ committee, together with Nuri Karataş examined the asphalt patching works on the Airport-Aşağıörüşkü road.
Hot asphalt mixture (BSK) used in asphalt patching works was taken in Malatya Municipality.
Irfan Kaya, Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, Aşağı As our Road and Transportation Services, our asphalt patching teams have started the asphalt patching works in the village of Asagususuk in 2013 year. We have come together with the members of the Assembly to examine the work done here. We work in coordination with our members, councilors and interlocutors. We are going with our members to check the work done on-site. We will do asphalt patching on the road to Asagiþüşkü group road Esenlik, Karamağra, Derinboğaz villages until the airport road. Asphalt patches will be continued for the construction of the asphalts of our other villages.
I would like to thank Mr. Valiz, our deputies, our parliament, our muhtars and Malatya Municipality who provided the necessary materials for the asphalt patch.
As a member of the Akçadağ Council, Battal Tuncel''17 km group on the road asphalt patching work is done. I would like to thank all the authorities who took this work to the citizens' feet, '' he said.
Akcadag Councilor Nuri Karatas, '' the work done in the very place of this work asphalt patch team saw the efforts of the work saw quickly. I work with dedication thank you all, '' he said.
Hüseyin Karaduman, the village headman of Aşağıörüşkü, is called as X Aşağıörüşkü village group road üs and asphalt patch works are carried out on the road that the village road of 15 passes. Special provincial administration has always been with us. I thank everyone for their contributions, '' he said.

Source: malatyagüncel



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