German concession partner Germans re-attack for train lines

German concession partner Germans re-attack for train lines
The opening of freight and passenger transportation in the private sector with the legal arrangements of the railroads has mobilized the ancient actors of the sector. In the last period of the Ottoman Empire, Germany is one of the most important actors in the region, which has received concessions from the sultan for railway tenders. German Railways (Deutsche Bahn), the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) are following every development closely related. The legislative arrangements made in the Assembly last month, TCDD as a 'railway infrastructure operator' restructuring and the units of the railway operation TCDD Transport Inc. In addition to the collection under the name of the private sector also offers the possibility to invest in the railway. According to these regulations, public legal entities and companies can be authorized by the Ministry of Transport, the railway train operator on the national railway infrastructure network. The total length of the line in Turkey at the end of the year, according to data from the Statistics Institute of Turkey 2011 12 thousand kilometers was realized. 888 kilometers of high-speed train line that was also in Turkey in 2011 85 million passengers chose to travel by rail. Rapidly increasing passenger growth, the German Railways Plant's attention also turned to Turkey. 1,98 billion passengers a year with German Railways, 'serious market that' thought it is preparing to invest in Turkey.

Berlin-Basra line on the agenda

German Railways from Turkey to Europe via Turkey allegedly planned Iraqi port city of Basra, a train line to the temperature remains on the agenda. Agency spokesman Heiner Spannuth, Germany, confirming its interest in the railway project in Turkey 'When we consider the potential liberalization of regional passenger transport in Turkey, the department responsible for transport outside Germany, our organization DB Arriva will also follow developments in Turkey as he followed developments in Europe . When we observe that there are the right opportunities for Arriva, we will make acquisitions and take a part in the tenders'.


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