New Regulation on the Malatya Environment Road

📩 24/11/2018 09:58

Malatya Municipality, which makes arrangements for the ring road from Turgut Özal Viaduct to the Battalgazi Junction, makes the ring road worthy of Malatya.
Malatya Municipality, which started to work by closing the vehicle underpasses on the ring road in the first place, then started to work on pedestrian overpasses, curtain walls, Finance side parking lot and pavement arrangement. A significant portion of the pavement works were completed in the section between the Ring Road and Battalgazi Junction, while the installation of decorative lighting poles was completed. Within the scope of the environmental rehabilitation works, Malatya Municipality completed a large part of the ferforges and completed the irrigation system. With the completion of the works on the highway, the route will have an important role in Malatya's prestige.

Source: günestv

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