The old trams of Konya are fitted with modern seats

The old trams of Konya are fitted with modern seats
After the new air conditioners installed on the old trams, the old seats were removed in some trams and more modern and comfortable seats were installed.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality started to install new and comfortable seats by removing the old seats in some trams this time after the new air conditioners it has attached to the trams. While Konya residents are waiting for the new trams to come in September, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to modify the old trams. Some of the trams that became unbearable in the scorching heat of the summer months were fitted with new air conditioners. According to the latest information, it was stated that only 60 of the 30 trams will be equipped with air conditioners, and only 30 of the 12 trams have been installed so far. Citizens expected to install the air conditioners on all trams until next summer, but could not see it yet.

The Metropolitan Municipality has recently started to change the seats on the trams. In some trams, the old seats were removed and replaced with more modern and comfortable seats. The seats in other trams are expected to be changed over time. Citizens who expressed satisfaction with the new seats “Old seats were both old and began to break. It was very nice to change the seats and install the air conditioners. Hopefully, the trams will speed up a bit and it will not fail frequently. ” Work on the trams that have become unable to handle the transportation load of Konya for the last few years continues. Particularly in summer, trams were extremely hot, and in winter, coldness was a frequent complaint. Municipal officials have tried to cover the issue with new trams that will come with new aircrafts or airconditions. The trams, which have an important place in the city transportation and operate daily 310 flights between Alaaddin Hill and Selçuk University Alaaddin Keykubat Campus, carry approximately 30 million passengers per year.

Citizen now wants comfortable transportation. Fitting new seats to some old trams raises the question: il Cities like Eskişehir, Bursa and Gaziantep have new trams years ago, but why is Konya still dealing with old trams? Turkey's trams are found in other cities quite comfortable and fast. Bursa and Kayseri are the leading provinces in this regard. As the first tram city in Anatolia, Konya became the only city with a tram service on the university campus. Even though Konya is the first city to use tram in Anatolia, it is still behind even cities like Kayseri and Bursa. Despite the favorable terrain, there has still been no serious investment in public transport.

While tram discussions are continuing, Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek announced last month that agreements have been made for the purchase of 60 latest models, modern trams. The contract for the purchase of 60 new trams, one of the most important pillars of the Konyaray Project, was recently signed in Konya. Tahir Akyürek, on the subject, stated that 100 percent low-base, barrier-free and the latest model vehicles in the world will be purchased. Colors are explained. The color of the new trams will be green and white. However, all trams will be delivered in 2 years. The delivery date of new trams is getting longer.

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