Minister Yıldırım's proposal to Egypt Metrobus

Minister Yıldırım's proposal to Egypt Metrobus
Asking for support for EXPO 2020 Lightning, made suggestions about transportation.

Maritime and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım requested support from Egypt for İzmir's EXPO 2020 nomination. For this purpose, Yıldırım, who had various contacts in Cairo, also made recommendations to the Egyptian authorities on transportation. Minister Yıldırım stated that the metrobus system installed in Istanbul is an inexpensive, easy and fast project, and said, “It can also be established in Cairo”.

Minister Yıldırım met with the top Egyptian officials regarding İzmir's EXPO 2020 nomination. Yıldırım met with Egyptian Minister of Tourism Hisham Zazu and Information Minister Salah Abdulmaksud at the Cairo Embassy residence.


They expect support for the candidacy of Izmir from Egypt expresses Lightning, "the main purpose of my visit is to develop bilateral relations between Turkey and Egypt. It covers all areas but my visit is getting more concentrated especially in transportation and communication issues. ”

Lightning, the environment for the development of bilateral relations, noting that is very favorable, "Every aspect of the environment for the development of relations between Turkey and Egypt quite suitable. After that, it is up to us now. ”

Egypt, particularly in rail and air transport and communication issues with the state that they want to benefit from Turkey's experience Binali Yildirim, said these issues could be aid to Egypt.


Journalists, public transport between Egypt and Turkey, answering questions about whether or not to cooperate Lightning, established in Istanbul Metrobus system of cheap, easy and quick stressed that the actual project. Yıldırım said, “This system was established in 8 months and carries 1 million Istanbul residents. It was seen as a successful project in Europe. It can also be established in Cairo. ”


Minister Yıldırım, if the necessary steps for the establishment of Metrobus public transport system in Egypt was reported that Turkey is ready to help.

Explaining that public transportation in the sea cannot be carried out on the Nile River in Istanbul, Yıldırım said, “We are doing sea transportation in Istanbul by fast sea buses. If fast transportation is carried out on the Nile River, nothing will be left on the shore. Vehicles that reach late distances are not useful for transportation. Transportation in the Nile River can only be for tourism purposes. ”


Yıldırım, who wants the problems in the country not to spoil the morale of the Egyptians, said, “Morality is the top of everything. Do not spoil your morale due to the incidents. We, who have experienced similar things, are more with the Egyptian people during this period. ”

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