The grille of the metron didn't have the grille, which lemma?

The grille of the metron didn't have the grille, which lemma?
In Beşiktaş, a new battlement was installed where the high school Innocent Science, who died after falling into the ventilation space of the subway, died. On the order of the prosecution at night, IMM officials closed the grate after 1,5 hours of work

... acknowledgment of the fact that Turkey A schoolgirl who died after falling into Metro's ventilation space all measures. Kabataş The place where Innocent Science, who was studying at Commercial Vocational High School, lost his life was viewed with the illumination of daylight. It was noteworthy that new battlements were placed at the place of the incident and welding the battlements with each other. The officers tried to move the press members working at the place where the incident took place because it was dangerous. KabataşCitizens residing in Istanbul reacted to the authorities because of their indifference.

According to İDDİAYA, Bilim, 16, with 4 friends Kabataş He came to the edge of the ventilation system near the Tram Stop. Bilim, who was watching here, fell into the space about 10 meters deep while trying to press the wire mesh over the ventilation space. It was determined that the loophole, which should have been in place, was temporarily closed after being stolen by thieves.

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