The grille of the metron didn't have the grille, which lemma?

The grille of the metron didn't have the grille, which lemma?
Besiktas, the metro fell into the ventilation space of the meteorite died in the high school where the new myth was placed. İBB officials closed the day after the 1,5 hour work with the order of the night prosecutor

A ... Metro fact that Turkey's acknowledgment of high school, then all died down to a ventilation gap measures. The place where Masum Bilim, who was studying at Kabataş Trade Vocational High School, lost his life was viewed by enlightening the daylight. The source of the incident where the new excise and the source of the new excise drew attention. The officials tried to remove the press members who were working at the place where the incident occurred because they were dangerous. The citizens of Kabataş reacted to the authorities because of their indifference.

According to IDDIAYA, the 16-year-old science has come to the edge of the ventilation system near the Kabatas Tram Stop with its 4 friend. Bilim, one of the young people watching here, fell into a gap of about 10 meters while trying to push the wire fence over the ventilation gap. It was determined that the invasion that had to be in place was temporarily closed after being stolen by the thieves.

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