The brain of Metrobus is moving to Edirnekapı

The metrobus line, which serves an average of 750 thousand passengers per day, is managed from the IETT command and control center in Kağıthane. In this center, which is described as the brain of the metrobus, 40 stops and 180 cameras are watched. It is planned to leave the metrobus command center from IETT and move to Edirnekapı in the coming days in order to control the troubles experienced.

The number of passengers carried on the metrobus line, which is the lifebuoy of traffic jammed in Istanbul, has reached an average of 750 thousand per day. High passenger demand, metrobus failures and accidents can cause a crisis. In the event of a possible accident, the buses on the line become too late to stop at the stops. It even happens that passengers get off the metrobus. In order to better manage the crisis, the IETT General Directorate also set up a command center for the metrobus to Akyolbil Management Center in Kağıthane, where other IETT buses were also coordinated. In this command center, the metrobus line can be managed electronically. Vehicle locations can be monitored via GPS. By considering the direction of the vehicles and their proximity to each other, proactive vehicles can be dispatched to the required points. Drivers are warned by detecting vehicles that go too fast either by GPS, or by fixed radars installed on Sefaköy and Acıbadem ramps. In this command center, informative announcements can be made to all stations about disruptions and the need for vehicles is met immediately by monitoring all stations with cameras.


The headquarters is headed by Doğan Uçar, Acting Chief of BRT. Uçar is able to watch the system live from the computer. The 40 stall is controlled from this computer with the 180 camera and is projected on the home screen if necessary. In case of an accident, the camera is detected with an ambulance, the driver is directed to the scene. In this way, metrobus traffic is opened in a short time. Uçar, who said that the emergency button in the vehicle, the button can be seen from the center of the vehicle when it says.

IETT General Manager Hayri Baraçlı states that the metrobus line has reached from Söğütlüçeşme to Beylikdüzü, and they served the line 24 hours a day with 465 buses. Stating that the line was followed from the command center with 180 cameras, Baraçlı said, “The most important thing is to ensure that our citizens are satisfied. At this point, to take the precautions at the stations by making emergency intervention with the announcement system in the stops in case of breakdown accident or in case of congestion. Sometimes we even do it at jump stations. Because in the meantime, if there is a problem with that station, friends are constantly passing that station. The goal for us is to increase continuity. We carry more than 750 thousand people a day on this line. ” uses expressions.

Noting that the Metrobus command center will be moved to Edirnekapı in order to respond to the troubles experienced in a short time, Baraçlı said, “We will concentrate directly on the metrobus line with the system to be installed there. Now, we need to be actively involved in both the maintenance and operation model in the garage, from Söültlüçeşme to Beylikdüzü. We will continue this process in Edirnekapı garage. ” says.

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