Citizens marched to bridges when metrobus expeditions stopped (Video)

Citizens march to bridges
Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey due to the closure of the citizens revolted some way.

Due to the Bosphorus Bridge closure access to metrobus interruptions, citizens waiting for the stop, walked to the Bosphorus Bridge. Passing through the Cevik Force bus to the Anatolian side of the citizens arguing with the police were provided. Metrobus passengers reacting to the closure of the roads, saying that the information was not sufficiently informed, passed by the applause of the passersby passersby.

A citizen who had to walk up to the bridge said, UM We waited at the metrobus stop for about 2 hours. There was a citizen who was suffering from fury, we waited for an ambulance for a long time. Fen Another citizen stated that they were not informed enough, yapıl We became victims as passengers. We want to find a solution. Bir There were occasional tensions between the police and citizens. At the end of the long waiting period, the passages to the Anatolian side were provided for the citizens who were put on the Çevik Force buses and team buses.




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