Metrobus was okubus

Metrobus was okubus
In Istanbul, students studying in different universities, held a reading event at Metrobus to draw attention to the low reading rate in Turkey. Students who came together with the slogan 'Okubüs' read books on the metrobus.

A group of students from the Istanbul Culture Academy came together at the Avcılar metrobus stop and organized a book reading activity. The students who wore t-shirts that read 'Read to understand, read to know, book is read in the metrobus', got on the metrobus under the confused gaze of the citizens watching. Students who read books from Avcılar to Zincirlikuyu invited everyone to read books with the event.

Istanbul Kültür University Law School 2nd grade students Dikici Yusuf Ahmed, said that organizing such an event because of the very low literacy rate in Turkey. Dikici said, “We attended such an event to explain the importance of reading to our people. Our people do not read books in any way, even though their time is empty on metrobuses, subways and trams. They have not read even the slightest thing we have passed the book. Newspapers and daily magazines have become a common thing for our people. We needed to do such an event to remind them to our people again. ” he spoke.

Abdülkadir Kutlu, 3rd grade student at Marmara University Faculty of Business, who took part in the event, said that they wanted to draw people's attention to reading books. Happy people in Turkey saying that too much reading, by reading assessment should be noted that the time spent in public transport. Kutlu, "Worldwide reading rate in some countries, according to a survey conducted in 40 countries among very low in Turkey, and unfortunately for this country. According to this research, the daily reading time of a person in Germany is 24 minutes. In this case, only identified as only 12 seconds and in Turkey. " used expressions.

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