Does the Metrobus ordeal end?

IETT General Manager Dr. Hayri Baraçlı said that the 705 buses, whose tender was made last year, will be put into service by July. Stating that they have renewed the bus fleet according to the special report of Mehmet Ali Ay from Today, Baraçlı said that the average age will fall to 3,5-4 years. Baraçlı said, “We have 645 lines. In the coming period, the number of our buses, including public buses, will be approximately 6 thousand. Last year, we completed the tender of 705 buses. All of them will be put into service next July. The IETT fleet currently consists of 3 thousand buses. "One thousand 3 of the 705 thousand buses will be renewed by July." 65 YEARS SUMMER FREE Bin 705 bus all the producers Baraçlı the record they receive from companies in Turkey, in 5 years all maintenance and repairs after the purchase of the buses together with new purchases administration will make the same firm in this case also expressed his pull down the cost in İETT back service. Reminding that the Council of Ministers made a decision regarding the free transportation of citizens over the age of 65, Baraçlı said, “There are preparations for him. We are exchanging data with Ankara on this subject. When the data comes, we will start card distribution. These cards will be distributed to those who wish. I think it will be completed by summer ”he said. AIR CONDITIONING WILL NOT BE A PROBLEM Baraçlı stated that the revision of rugs in buses has been completed and that there will be no problems with air conditioning this summer. Stating that Akbil usage, which was 6 million before, has decreased to 1 million, Baraçlı said, “The number of active electronic cards is now around 6 and a half million. THE SOLUTION IS COMING TO THE INTENSIVE METROBUS Stating that the metrobus line in Istanbul is the longest continuous line in the world, Baraçlı said, “The satisfaction rate is really high. There is density, but it happens at peak hours. " said. Stating that the samples abroad were intense at the same time, Baraçlı said, “Can these densities be eliminated? Difficult as long as there is a workplace in city centers. The solution to density is rail systems that can only go underground. We will increase the carrying capacity of the line by purchasing high-capacity transport vehicles. Our work on these vehicles continues, ”he said. INTERESTING APPLICATION Baraçlı said that as IETT employees, they leave a vehicle every 3 months and travel by bus. “Everyone, including me, is leaving a vehicle. Everyone drives home from work to work. "They also go by public transportation for a week and collect data from the field."

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