Metrobuses are tapped but seventh in passenger preference

Metrobuses are tapped but seventh in passenger preference
Metrobus, which is one of the leading cities in the world in terms of traffic density, provided an important convenience in this regard. However, metrobuses, almost full time of the day, despite the fact that passengers are not the first choice in the flight. The first choice of the people living in Istanbul, despite the traffic cars are going. Service vehicles come in second place, ranking minibus, private public bus, municipal bus, taxi and metrobus continues in the form. It is stated that the use of metrobus in a certain part of the city (Söğütlüçeşme-Beylikdüzü) is not effective in the first order.

According to Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Administration (IETT) data, 3 million 182 thousand 534 people are used every day in the city. 1 950 1 minibus with thousand people, 850 million 1 thousand 475 private public bus with people, 274 million 1 thousand 324 is followed by the IETT bus with 837 people. 1 million 100 thousand people prefer the taxi, while Metrobus 715 comes in seventh place with a thousand people. Street tram 587 bin, Kabataş Funicular 254 bin 808, IETT Finüküler 114 is preferred by thousands of passengers. Light metro 289 bin, 268 bin 659 people benefit from the metro. The ferry, ferry and boats don't get as much attention from cars, minibuses and buses. City Lines 146 bin 798, marine engines 100 bin 250, IDO 94 bin 806 passenger carries.

57 has more than one thousand private operators, 4 local management operator (İETT, City Lines, Transportation Inc., İstanbul Otobüs AŞ) and 1 central management operator. 87,3 of Megakentte journey is done by land. The biggest share here is the 72,23 with private operators. The share of public operators is 0,7. 17 and rail systems in the urban transportation, 2,53 with the sea has an important role. The share of private operators in the sea is 1,44, the rate of public operators is 1,08.

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