Metro contract in China on the agenda of the Chinese company

The Chinese company that took the subway tender on the agenda of the Assembly: CHP Deputy Chairman Umut Oran, Ankara subway company to produce wagons for the company was determined, the tender won the commission on the grounds that aki security and other issues did not submit to the commission, ut the Chinese CSR Electric Locomotive company's activities were discontinued.

1- Has the Chinese CSR Electric Locomotive Company, the provider of the 324 wagon to be taken to Ankara Metro, submit the documents related to wagon safety to the tender commission after the related tender?

2- Has the company presented to the competent authorities the document kurum complete brake calculations for all brake modes i so far?

3- The same company has not yet been able to provide what documents to submit, what is the sanction of not submitting these documents, why is not the sanction applied?

4- Who will be responsible for possible safety problems in the car and locomotives?

5- How did the Tender Commission deliver the tender to the Chinese CSR company despite the shortcomings? Are there any irregularities in the procurement process, or are there any administrative investigations on this issue?

Did 6-CSR meet the shortcomings identified after the tender?

7- After the tender process, the Spanish firm which is out of business is decided to stop the execution of the Ankara Regional Administrative Court and it is known that 12 was laid factory basis in April even though this decision is known?

CSR-MNG Ankara Metro Vehicles Production Plant will be constructed in a total area of ​​108 thousand square meters in two stages. . In the project, which is planned to start production after 200 monthly construction period, it will be stated that 150 Chinese and 12 Turkish qualified technical personnel will work continuously and approximately 30 thousand people will be created in construction and production phases.

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