Merzifon Municipality Starts Asphalt Summer Works Fast

With the arrival of summer, the Merzifon Municipality of Amasya made a quick start to the parquet and asphalt works. It started the repair, maintenance and repair of streets and streets that were damaged by natural gas works.
Merzifon Mayor Mehmet Kadri Aydınlı said that the parquets of Hal Street facing Cumhuriyet Square were changed in accordance with the square project by the Directorate of Science Affairs.
Aydınlı stated that the paving stones on Hal Street, which were designed after being closed to traffic, were deformed due to natural gas works, and stated that the floor parquet of the street with the façade of the square will be properly laid, considering the square project completed during the construction of the area.
Aydınlı, sezon Asphalt, parquet season begins with the weather improvement. This year will be a busy year in terms of asphalt as in previous years. We are currently engaged in patch and parquet work. Due to the central location of the street, which has a façade and deformed the parks due to natural gas, we renew their flooring. In addition, work on the paving and repair of parquet in the Sofular Quarter Uğur Street continues.
In addition, Aydınlı underlined that all of the streets and streets that have infrastructure and natural history and occupancy time will be covered with hot asphalt in 2013.

Source: haberimport



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