Malatya trolleybus system follows many cities

Malatya trolleybus system follows many cities
Troleybüs (Trambus) public transportation system followed by Samsun, Kahramanmaras, Sivas and Izmit Municipalities appeared to follow.

The Municipality of Malatya will be implemented to solve the problem of urban traffic.

According to the information given by a municipal official, 22 April 2013 in the municipal service building in the Beydağı meeting hall and vice president of the tender commission Alican Bozkurt'in headed by a single firm's bid 10 pieces of trambus with the conclusion of the tender on the contract with the contractor on the specified route which started to be constructed by the company and with the passing of Malatya trambü activities are leaders in Turkey will be saved.

Malatya in Turkey will be the leader in TRAMBUS

He added that the Trambus project called Malatya as a member of the world transport federation and added: d I have difficulty understanding the AK Party Malatya Deputy Ömer Faruk Öz who criticized the Trambus. Malatya in Turkey will be the leader in TRAMBUS. If this project is canceled in Malatya, some cities, including Sakarya, Kütahya, Kahramanmaraş, Sivas and İzmit, will step back and will be called by the forces of evil. Especially in many European cities, trambus is used in transportation. In Switzerland, the capital of Zurich, around 750 is moving with the trambus. In Zurich, almost no special vehicles are being used and because of the high maneuverability of the tramble, it passes through all the side streets in the city lar.

IETT will pass to this system

The world's all developed or developing countries, indicating that the municipal authorities trambü get used, "Turkey will be directed to the absolute future of this system, but it will be late. Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunneling Enterprises (IETT) will return to this system. This is probably the task of Mr. Ömer Faruk Öz in the deputy MP, de he said.

Experts compare the technology of Trambus to modern trams

Some experts said that the AK Party Malatya deputy Oz's criticism on the subject of trambus they said they found unfounded. Experts said, sahip These vehicles have 1970 pieces with one common point with trolleybuses in 2 years. New vehicles use AC motors, vehicles with modern power electronics. There are capacitor packages for energy saving, they have a diesel generator set that can go independently. These vehicles have similar technology with modern trams. The deputy says that the self-rail system should do. But it doesn't mention the cost of the rail system. In fact, a rail system to say, to stop the Trambus project is said to be a tactical promise. Sistem They said.

Municipality of Kahramanmaras wants trambus

Mustafa Poyraz, Mayor of Kahramanmaraş said, Ünivers We had previously planned to construct a tram system from Doğukent to Doctor Mustafa Square, from Mufti to Ulu Mosque, Şekerdere, Binevler and University. On this route, we had to lift the hub on Trabzon Street to build the tram system. We had to narrow the 2 meters to the right and left of the road in Trabzon Street. At that time, Trabzon Street was going to be a way of going. So there was no Trabzon Street. So we gave up the rail system. Instead, we intend to operate the wheeled, electrically driven Trambus which can overtake the vehicles. We will share this project with you in the coming days. Ön

Kocaeli Municipality also wants trambuses

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality officials, the trolleybus planned for the purpose of pedestrianization and relief of city traffic in the name of the service and went to Switzerland Hess Motion Emotion company's tools were examined by the learned.


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