Malatya Mayor Responded to Trambus Criticism

Malatya Mayor responded to Trambus Criticism: Malatya Mayor Ahmet Çakır stated that trambus is not an obsolete system and said the system was highly developed and used in developed cities in Europe.

Cakir, the public opinion about the trambus system criticized. After the opening of the North Garage Cakir told reporters about the system of trambus, il People can identify as out-of-date vehicles because they did not see them. But there is a very advanced system. What the system uses the rail system, the system is used in the trambus. The vehicles have been highly modernized. Beyond the light rail system, modern, vip-quality vehicles are produced. We had a high standard project. We have prepared a very detailed project. We will review it once more. But it is not really true to say doğru unfashionable Ama to this system. Ama

Cakir, who visited many cities in Europe using Trambus, received detailed information about the system, and said they had made investigations, said:

“We follow the criticisms made about Trambus. We have evaluated all our requirements. When we evaluate the same route today, the amount you will invest in the rail system will reach 150-200 million TL. Our current system is important in terms of cost and efficient use of resources. It is also capable of responding to the passengers we will carry. There is a general review, they are normal. We have examined this system in developed cities in Europe. Of course, not just by riding the vehicle, the system was thoroughly examined and received information. Tab

Çakır stated that they had an offer about the tender for trambus and they would evaluate it and said, teklif We made the tender for Trambus. 6 firm file received, 1 firm bid. We'il consider that offer. We haven't cleared the tender yet. We would expect a rivalry between the 4-5 company. I think it was because we kept the time short. But we have not yet made a decision on the tender yet. Ama

Source: UAV


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