Logistics center will connect Konyah to the world via Mersin

Logistics center will connect Konyah to the world via Mersin
Robust measurement Ayşenur Turkey's face as the largest logistics centers will be established in Konya province, the region will connect to the world via Mersin Port.
The Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MUSIAD) Konya Branch President Lütfi Şimşek told Anadolu Agency (AA) that exporter companies pay a transportation fee of 10 percent of the product costs, and that the double-line, signaling, electrical and high operating speed railway between Konya and Mersin He pointed out the importance of providing transportation.
Stressing that Turkey's Konya is an important investment center for its geographical location and assortment of lightning, "Konya, in 2012, 179 countries made 1,3 billion dollars in exports. In 2002, approximately 300 thousand while exporting company in Turkey, today there are only a thousand more than 300 exporting companies in Konya. "We expect 500 billion dollars of our country's export target of 15 billion dollars from Konya".
Lightning; He stated that efforts are underway to establish a new economy and industrial center in partnership with Konya, Karaman and Mersin.
When the Konya Logistics Center Project is over, the transportation will be faster, safer and cost-effective. Şimşek continued his words:
“For Konya, Mersin Port is the way to exports and the gateway to the world. When the port connection with Mersin is established, our ranking among the world countries will be much higher. If we want to be a decision-maker, playmaking country, we have to. "

- There is a Karaman-Mersin line in the field.

Konya-Karaman between the 200 and 120 speed kilometers quickly passenger transportation of the railway line will be provided to complete the transfer of Lightning, said that the line is Karaman-Mersin.
Reminding that the Logistics Center Project started as an investment plan of 2007 thousand square meters in 300, Şimşek announced that this area was increased to 1 million 350 thousand square meters with the support of Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu.
Simsek, Turkey, underlining that to reach the 2023 targets should be shared with the load in the Marmara Region Central Anatolia Region, he said:
"60 percent of production is taking place in the Marmara region in Turkey. If we want to be the 10th largest economy in the world; Marmara should share its burden with Anatolia. Otherwise, Istanbul, one of the few cities in the world, will turn into an uninhabitable place. If alternative economy and industrial zone is sought, we present Konya to the table. "

- “Our goal; To reduce the cost of 7 units to 1 ”-

The European Union noted Logistics Statistics, according to Turkey in freight transport of 92 percent of the supplied via the road Simsek, 88 per cent of railways in Russia, he said that it is preferable if the 58 per cent rate of sea transport in China.
Turkey's competitiveness in the international arena is not used in foreign trade sea route emphasizing the Lightning will be weak, he continued:
“The cost of sending the cargo by sea is 1 currency unit, 3 units by rail, 7 units by road, and 22 units to send by air. Sea transportation is indispensable for import and export. Our goal is; It is to reduce the cost of 7 units to 1. Sea transportation is indispensable for intermediate and raw material import and post-production export. If we cannot bring the sea to Konya, we will take Konya to the sea.

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