Local Tram Confused Silkworm

Local Tram Confused Silkworm Kony. Ipekböceg, the local trolley produced in Bursa, is a subject of praise, debate and curiosity, while it also creates an agenda in other cities.

The target of the Metropolitan Municipality and the result of the industrial city attracts the attention of the Anatolian cities.
Konya Metropolitan Municipality, the tram method, preferring the method of import and act quickly, opposition thoughts and criticism is met.

As reflected in the media Med

Tram renewal auction includes purchase of 60 vehicles. Skoda has the lowest bid. It was the only one in the specification, and this aspect also evolved. Bursa's tramway was also on the city's agenda.

One of the MPs of Konya, Mustafa Kalaycı from MHP moved the tram in the city to the Parliament. Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe'nın, Konya told the TV channel made statements.
Konya Metropolitan Municipality's 104 million Euro-consistent trolley purchase, the Czech Republic's Skoda firm will be doing because of the reaction.

According to the opinion of the Konya Metropolitan Municipality, the new trams due to local elections were asked to be taken as soon as possible.

However, voicing that the interests of the city and the country is not considered Kalaycı, "Konya Metropolitan Municipality, the upcoming election and the selection of the eyes of the people of Sakarya thinking how to paint," he said.

Against the loss of foreign trade deficit and foreign exchange loss in Bursa, he gave importance to the local tram production in Bursa and he showed an example. Enough to get the visionary managers. I wish, instead of asking the color of the tram, Konyalan industrialist was asked if he could produce the tram and if the infrastructure was prepared and given the possibilities Keş.

In Anatolian cities, the formation of the rail system policies and especially the tram method show the reality of the domestic market.
The trams produced in Bursa will first work in the city where he was born. Passing the first sales exam and winning the tender Durmazlar Silkworm production is now on the agenda of other cities.

Source: Serkan İNCEOĞLU - www.bursahakimiyet.com.t is



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