Establishing Mobese Cameras in Lapseki

lapseki mobesse camera
lapseki mobesse camera

📩 19/02/2023 22:49

Lapseki'ya Mobese cameras are installed. Lapseki district of Canakkale, on the incidents of theft, District Police Department and District Gendarmerie Command took action. MOBESE cameras that will be built on the Bursa-İzmir highway passing through the boundaries of the district will not open an eye for thieves.

The MOBESE camera, which was set up in front of the Gendarmerie Command at the entrance of Çardak Town, will only monitor the vehicle entrances and exits. Lapseki County Police Department, which started correspondence for a similar study, is preparing to install MOBESE cameras on the highway. Three hundred meters away from the plate identification, identification and identification will be done with the cameras that will do many transactions in the district to prevent suspicious vehicles and smuggling will be provided. MOBESE camera launches in front of the Gendarmerie Command is expected to be completed in a short time.

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