There is objection to the Interchange Project

Kdz.Ereğli Chamber of Civil Engineers, Kdz.Ereğli Chamber of Architects, Kdz.Ereğli Chamber of Electrical Engineers, Kdz.Ereğli Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, Kdz.Ereğli Chamber of Geological Engineers and Kdz.Ereğli Chamber of Mining Engineers made a joint statement.
In the statement, "As TMMOB, it has become obligatory to inform the people of Kdz.Ereğli regarding the construction of the ERDEMİR BRIDGE INTERCHANGE, which was started at the crossroads of Kdz.Ereğli Devrek road." It was said.
The following statements were later included in the joint statement; “When we examine the project of the mentioned intersection as of 02.04.2013 as TMMOB Kdz.Ereğli Chamber of Civil Engineers and Kdz.Ereğli Chamber of Architects; While the ERDEMİR BRIDGE INTERCHANGE, which will be built on-site, will relieve the traffic on one route, it will bring along many traffic problems on other routes and will provide relief in the direction of the City Center-Alaplı. However, other main routes are Zonguldak - Erdemir Cd. - Elma Tepe - Uğur Mumcu Cd. It has been observed that the project, which is planned to be implemented, will not be able to respond to the current traffic problem. It is our common opinion as TMMOB that the ERDEMİR KÖPRÜLÜ INTERSECTION Project, which is planned to be completed by completing the necessary arrangements and deficiencies, and continue its construction.
The defects seen as TMMOB in ERDEMİR BRIDGE JUNCTION project are presented below.
No connection to Çetin Apatay Boulevard from the direction of 1-Zonguldak (Kepez) towards the City Center was considered and it was transferred to the density of the City Road by using Istanbul Road Separation (Uğur Mumcu Cd.). Thus, Uğur Mumcu Cd. And Erdemir Cd. It will be exposed to a more complex trophic stream.
Also; Çetin Apatay Boulevard, which is the main artery going to the city center, will only serve the traffic flow from the Alaplı direction. The streets going to the city center will be used to connect to Çetin Apatay Boulevard and it will be tried to be solved by making connections between the streets.
2-Zonguldak (Kepez) direction from the direction of the road to Istanbul (Uğur Mumcu). It is obvious that it will lock the intersection traffic flow.
3 - Intersection-regulated Main road connections, which are defined as ABC arm, are seen to be arranged as a single lane and traffic flow will stop in traffic traffic or traffic accidents. Especially during times of traffic and the passage of large vehicles, it is possible to suffer.
4- It is seen that it can curtain the city skyline at the entrance of the city.
In order to solve the problems of our city and every service to be made for the city, TMMOB, which is next to all kinds of projects, shares its opinions and suggestions with the public and related institutions and shares all kinds of technical equipment and information.
We would like to state that; In the name of creating the most appropriate solution for such projects that concern our district, our public institutions and non-governmental organizations will be in dialogue and will be useful in the development of better projects for our district.

Source: the ozeregl



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