The Problem of the Tram in the Assembly

The Problem of the Tram in the Assembly
MHP Konya Deputy Mustafa Kalaycı carried Konya's tram problem to the Parliament
MHP Konya Deputy Mustafa Kalaycı, who asked the question to be answered in writing by the Minister of Internal Affairs Muammer Güler, said, "Why is domestic production not preferred for tram purchases?" said. “With the contract signed last month, Konya Metropolitan Municipality ordered 60 trams to a Czech firm for 104,7 million Euros. While it is clear that the result will be 'green-white' and it does not matter, a world was spent with the 'choose the color of the tram' campaign. "The place of purchase, brand, quality, money, the color of Konya was asked instead of its production in Konya," said Kalaycı. He explained that as a result of intensive work in Bursa, domestic tram production under the name of Silk Bug started and European and world standards certificate was obtained. To the question of why Konya does not buy these trams; He said that the Konya Metropolitan Municipality wanted to bring the trams as soon as possible because the elections were approaching and he said 'let me enter the elections with new trams' ”. Deputy Kalaycı asked Minister Güler the following questions: “Why was domestic production not preferred for tram purchases? Since an order was placed abroad on the basis of the selection, at least why the conditions for using domestic materials were not sought? Instead of asking the color of the tram, the industrialist in Konya was not asked whether he could produce the tram? Why was this opportunity not sought? Which bank, at what maturity and interest rate, was the loan used for the purchase of the tram? How much does this loan cost, at interest and expense, and with what resources will it be repaid? How much interest and debt has Konya been put under? How much was spent for the "You choose the color of the tram" campaign? What has been paid to print and visual media for the advertisement and promotion of this campaign, how much has been spent for billboards and stands? Are you going to have an examination of the transactions made with the election account instead of considering the interests of the country and Konya, and the expenditures made for the campaign, which does not matter at all and what will come out of it?

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