Kataner Teli Koptu, Kabatas-Bagcilar Tram Expeditions

In Sultanahmet, tram lines were cut when the cataner wire that energized the tram was broken. The flights can be made between Bağcılar-Beyazıt and Kabataş-Sirkeci. Between Sirkeci and Beyazıt, there are approximately 2.5 tram fares.

Kabatas-Bagcilar expedition, the time to enter the time of the 12.15 line to the Sultanahmet stop, the tramways that give energy to the kataner wire broke. When the power was cut off, the tram remained where it was before it could enter the station. Explosions occurred when the wire fell over the tram and the smoke rose. The passengers on the tram had a brief panic. While the passengers were evacuated after the doors were opened, the situation was notified to İstanbul Ulaşım A.Ş. In a short time, teams from the region began to work to repair the kataner wire. Due to the works, tram routes were closed to the two-way traffic between Beyazıt and Sirkeci. Authorities, Kabatas-Sirkeci and Bagcilar-Beyazıt until the end of the operation will continue smoothly, he said. It has been announced that between the two closed time of the 2.5 time between Beyazıt and Sirkeci will be opened to work.

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