Crazy Project from Kastamonu Municipality


Kastamonu Municipality, the traffic trapped in the city to climax up the slope of the planned plans to overcome. Kastamonu Municipality, 2012 year evaluation meeting brought the 'Kefeli Tunnel Project' was marked. Kastamonu Municipality Kefeli Tunnel Project, which has been worked on for a long time by the Directorate of Science Affairs, has come to an end. The Kefeli Tunnel, which is planned to cost approximately 6 million 500 TL, is expected to be 300 meters long. The tunnel with a 2 slope with a percentage will be covered with two-way Bitumen Hot Asphalt (BSK).

The height of the tunnel will be 7.2 meters while the width will be 8 meters. The starting point of the tunnel is planned to be near the Ottoman Palace, and the exit point is expected to be on Sheikh Shabani Veli Avenue. After the construction of the tunnel on the soil remaining approximately 16 meter is planned to remain. Kefeli Tunnel, whose project has been prepared, will be submitted to the Monuments High Council for permission to be a historical site. With the adoption of the project expected to be passed by the High Council of Monuments, the work will begin.

With the launch of the Kefeli Tunnel, traffic trapped in the city is expected to relax. This problem will be solved in Kastamonu with the traffic that is parallel to the increasing number of vehicles and traffic due to the parks, and the new Kefeli Tunnel. The Directorate of Science Affairs will be presenting the project to the Monuments High Council and will wait for a positive response.

Source: IHA


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