The contract was signed with Şenbay Madencilik - Ermit Engineering joint venture, which won the tender for the Construction of the Kars-Tbilisi Railway Substructure and Superstructure Supply Construction.

Infrastructure Investments to be carried out by the General Directorate, Turkey - Georgia Kars-Tbilisi Railway Sub and Superstructure Completion of Construction of new developments regarding the tender was recorded.

According to the information received by the Investments Magazine; After the decision of the correct action of the JCC, Şenbay Madencilik - Ermit Mühendislik won the tender.

As it is known, the JCC has recently rejected the joint venture of the Comsa - Accretion - Seza joint venture and the Gülermak - Kolin Construction joint venture for the outcome of the tender.

The other companies that bid for the tender, which is the approximate cost of 711.740.804,09 lira, were as follows:

  1. Comsa - Opening - Seza
  2. Cengiz - Makyol Construction
  3. China Railway - Mapa
  4. Gülermak - Kolin Construction
  5. Özaras - YSE Construction - Çelikler Construction

Source : Investments


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  1. This information is wrong. Ankara 5.idare court stopped execution. Senbay-Ermit partnership was excluded from the evaluation.

  2. Documents of the Robbery Plan. Under the control of Abdurrrahman Şentürk, the damage to the public is over 600 Million. And again, this work will not end again with the tender of 2.İkmal and re-supply will be done.


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