Eurasian Brush on Highways

ENVIRONMENT and Urbanism Minister Erdogan Bayraktar, Provincial Coordination Board of the Eurasian University in the entrance of the pontoons lashed fire. Deputy Regional Director of Highways Selahattin Bayramçavuş'u Minister Bayraktar warned with a harsh language, “University is already moribund. How far is this going to go to this place? I'm telling you clearly from here. You will solve this business. ”
Highways 10. Regional Directorate of Eurasian University pontoons in front of the entrance door, despite all the reactions to remove the pontoon of the Minister of Environment and Urbanism Erdogan Bayraktar'ın was in awe. In the April Coordination Meeting held in Trabzon Governor's Office yesterday, Minister Bayraktar warned Selahattin Bayramçavuş, Deputy Regional Director of Highways, with a harsh language and said: This is where it's gonna go! I'm telling you frankly, you're going to solve this. ”
Minister Bayraktar stated that they are obliged to keep Eurasia University alive and said: orum I ask Vakıf University officials about the number of students. 'I have 850 students,' he says. The number of students of a foundation university 4 can not spin without thousand. The campus was built from Yomra. I give support. As highways you need to provide the necessary support. The real burden falls on you. Let's think about one life, but let's put a certain order in and out. Unless the senior bureaucrats pave the way for service and investment, these things will not work. Trabzon bureaucrats have important duties for you. You should be able to act more flexibly without being against the law. This is the command of Islam. Make it easy. We are all Muslims. ”
Rector of Eurasian University took the floor at the Coordination Board Meeting. Dr. Sami Karadeniz Eurasia University's Gate A dues closed the entry and exit of the Highways said that an incomprehensible application. Rector Karadeniz, who criticized the implementation of the Regional Directorate of Highways in front of Minister Erdoğan Bayraktar, said, Giriş The A Entrance Gate of our University has been closed for a long time. Therefore, the Highways closed the doors on the area allocated to us and completed a complex and incomprehensible process. Bak If a corporation is 80 beneficial, sahip our minister said in his speech. The Eurasian University is an oasis in the desert, it needs protection. He had to think hard when he closed the highways. Now a new article has arrived. We received another letter to demolish the walls on the edge of the allocated area. Another extra problem being removed was removed. We want these problems solved. Everyone's problem is solved with crossroads. All the meatballs in Akçaabat have entry and exit from the main road. However, the gate of Eurasia University was closed due to an exit to the area designated as TIR park. Highways is an old-established institution but this app is not fair at all but at all. As a son and rector of this region, I say it clearly. In order to solve this problem in a short time, we demand that our Minister pay attention to the issue ”.
Selahattin Bayramçavuş, Deputy Regional Director of Highways, said: “The university is everything for us. We graduated from these universities. However, before these actions, the relevant municipality had to apply to our institution and demand road crossing permission and to carry out the licensing procedures accordingly. There are some legislative provisions omitted here. I believe that the necessary arrangements will be made after the provisions of this legislation are fulfilled ”.
The mayor of Yomra Ibrahim Sağıroğlu, who got angry with this speech, took the floor on these statements. Sağıroğlu said, göre According to the 3194 Zoning Law, the municipality of that district is authorized in practice. Friends on the highways make transactions according to the traffic law numbered 2918. The pockets established there are illegal, there is no allocation. According to 2918, we need to get permission from the Highways if we are leaving the main road. But we're out there pocketing. Clearly, there is an arbitrary application of highways. The path of the universities and enterprises there has been closed arbitrarily ”.
Minister Erdoğan Bayraktar, who made the last speech after listening to the parties, underlined that the Highways should show the necessary convenience to the Eurasian University in absolute terms. Bayrak TIRs in the TIR garage can take the main road. Cahit Bey to me 'We've closed that road so that the trucks do not go to the main road' he said. In other words, TIR'lar going to the street on the other side of the vehicles are prevented from the side road. We need to make arrangements. From the border to Besikduzu to Iyidere, the road is now in the city. On our way we go to 3 km and there is no place without a settlement. Need to comply with the conditions of highways, but Trabzon was metropolitan. Even if we are not metropolitan, 760 of our population 80 of a thousand people live on the coast. The longest place to the south is the Maçka exit. We are heading towards Maçka's Gümüşhane. The area of ​​Trabzon is 4 thousand 600 Km2. 5-6 is one of the provinces with a small surface area. We need to look at the actual situation. We're struggling to keep everyone out. The highways need to help these friends. We can put speed bumpers and traffic lights on the roads. When viewed, who says that the 110 km coastal road has become the main artery in the inner city. The double is not the way out of town. It's not right to set strict rules. Every time I come here, they stick to my collar. The country has its own agenda conditions. University, that's nothing. We begged the university was founded. We're gonna help this college. If the state does not hold it, this will not work ”.

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