Karabuk University Rail Systems Engineering Club 1. Rail Systems Panel Begins

22 April 2013, Karabuk University Rail Systems Engineering Club, 1. Rail Systems Panel is editing. At the event, where Rayhaber General Broadcast Coordinator Levent Özen will attend as a speaker, he is also going to attend to the activities of Kardemir A.Ş. , TCDD, Siemens, Ansaldo STS, Durmazlar A.Ş. , Istanbul Transportation Inc. There will be speakers and participants in ARUS.

Place: Karabük University Conference Hall
Time: 14.00

• Karabuk University (*)


• Vedat Vecdi Akça

• Yunus Emre Teke
Ansaldo STS, Signaling Engineer / Project Engineer

• Levent Özen
Özen Teknik Consultancy, Rail Systems Technical Consultancy
Owner of RayHaber, RaillyNews and Telefer

• Peace Ballers
Siemens A.Ş. Turkey, Rail Automation Business Unit Manager

• Dr. Contact Ilhami directly
OSTİM OSB Technology Center and Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems
Coordinator of the cluster (ARUS)

• Sunay Şentürk
Durmazlar Inc. Rail Systems Projects Manager


• Contact Kaan Kadir directly
Rail Systems Engineering Club

(*) those who participate in the panel, but the speaker names are expected to be identified.


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Rail systems technologies continue to gain considerable importance among today's public transport systems. According to other transportation methods, it is cheap, safe and environmentally friendly, allowing people to prefer rail systems technologies.

In parallel with the development of railway systems technologies worldwide, our country needs to advance in this field and to develop a qualified manpower (engineer). This year 2011 relative to the Karabük University Faculty of Engineering Rail in Turkey's first and only on-site, it was decided to open the Systems Engineering Department.

The development of rail systems technologies in our country is also possible by increasing research collaborations by creating new discussion environments. It is envisaged to bring together industrial institutions and public institutions and organizations related to this field, to identify problems and to evaluate them in a scientific environment. In this context, the second of the Rail Systems Engineering symposia will be held in Karabük University between 9-11 October 2013. Within the scope of the symposium; Rail Construction, Rail Production, Rail Technologies, Rail Vehicles, High Speed ​​Trains, Metro and Light Rail Systems, Boogies, Rail System Standards, Optimization, Vibration, Acoustics, Signalization, Maintenance-Repair, Human Resources, Safety in Rail Systems will be the main topics. .

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