Kabataş The family of the young man who died at the tram stop reacted

Kabataş The family of the young man who died at the tram stop reacted
The family of the young man who fell into the ventilation space without a grating iron near the tram stop in Beşiktaş reacted by saying that the incident was negligent.

Kabataş Opposed to the tram stop, Innocent Science (5), who was sitting next to the ventilation system with his 16 friends, fell down the gap without a crotch. The high school teenager who crashed into the ground from a distance of about 7 meters died at the scene.

Science 's relatives came to the Forensic Medicine Institution to take the funeral, reacting to the authorities stating that the incident was neglected. My niece is leaving school at 18.00. Falling out of the lodges with his friends. After falling for two and a half hours after he fell, he passed away. I went to see where my nephew fell. When I left, I saw some people working. I asked you who sent you there. They told me the prosecutor's instructions. When I asked him if they had his handwriting, they said that they were officials of the Department of Transportation. They said they took instructions and they would do the grill. Talimat

The day until the end of the investigation describing the uncle of the Sun, ol There is a hundred percent negligence in the incident. There's a 20-30 grid, and there's no one. We'il follow him to the end. They have requested petition to be made by the citizens of the country. Neglect, neglect, ultimately cost a life. Yap He said.

Muhsin Bilir's funeral, his family by taking delivery of funeral prayer was taken to Tophane Karabas Mosque.


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