Bilecik high-speed train transportation junction point

Bilecik high-speed train transportation junction point
Poyraz, Municipal Culture Center at a press conference, the most useful work for the period of deputy Bozüyük, Organized Industrial Zone studies, he said.

OSB'de, infrastructure, natural gas and electricity issues that they are doing serious voices Poyraz, said:

Ik We had the latest high-voltage line problem, and we got it done. Bozüyük OIZ has 82 industrial parcel. We have allocated the 82 plot of this 36 plot to 26. Our 46 plot is also ready for collection. 12 company started production and employs around a thousand people. It needs an infrastructure to produce the goods, but a separate infrastructure is needed to bring the goods to the market. When we discussed the necessity of establishing a logistics center in Bozüyük in recent years, the planning was around the Kütahya Junction. TCDD officials supported our opinion, especially after we had to extend this to the vicinity of the OIZ, so that we could use the logistics center more efficiently when we were down to the bottom of the OIZ. At the end of January, the tender for the logistics center was concluded and a tender with a value of 23 million was concluded. Today tomorrow will begin the excavation of the center.

-Fast train works-

Poyraz stated that Bilecik is a junction on the high-speed train transportation and that stations were built in Bozüyük, Bilecik and Osmaneli lines.

One of the most important issues of Bozüyük, TOKI pointed out that the housing estate Poyraz, said:

Ik In the past August, we were going to bid for this, but we couldn't make the tender for the last summer due to the cancellation and delay of the tender due to this high speed train excavation. Now, TOKİ will give a tender in Bozüyük in the framework of the information given to us by TOKI. On the other hand, an artificial grass football field in Yeşilkent is over, it will be over. There is now a wire mesh upgrade. We can say he has a couple of weeks left. Here, our municipality, the land has made the allocation. The upper structure will be built by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Here we will give the use of the Bozüyük Municipality. After that, Bozüyük will have a substructure that can be used easily by amateur sports clubs. Apprenticeship Training Center building will be given to the university during the transition phase related to the faculty. 2-3 want to complete the university building within the year. If we solve the land problem, we have a working place in Bozüyük to provide a modern new hospital. A similar example of the city forest in Bilecik, we will do the area in the neighborhood of Yeşilkent. 2013 year, a development for Bozüyük, will be a year of moves. X

Bozüyük Deputy Mayor Fatih Bakıcı stated that the Bozüyük Municipality had damaged 300 thousand pounds in the past and stated that they would file a criminal complaint for the punishment of those responsible.

Chairman of the AK Party Bilecik Province Ramadan Kurtulmuş, Bozüyük District Chairman Nizamettin Pine, deputy mayors, members of the Provincial Assembly and members of the Municipal Assembly were present.

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