Second Run on Izmir Road

The second work on the Izmir Road was completed after the completion of the asphalt renewal works between the Orhaneli Junction and the Rose Junction on the Izmir Road. direction of departure is closed to traffic on 11.00. Asphalt dismantling was started in the afternoon.
In the studies that will last about 1 months, BUSKİ's incomplete infrastructure works will be completed.
Alternative routes for drivers were determined in the direction of the city center. Accordingly, vehicles from Ata Boulevard and Küçük Sanayi Junction will use Ata Bulvarı and Mudanya Road from Küçük Sanayi Nilüfer Caddesi-Ertuğrul Gazi Caddesi-Ahıska Street route.
The vehicles coming from Ertuğrul, Özlüce and Altınşehir by using Uğur Mumcu Boulevard are the 75 in the Nilüfer Organized Industrial Zone from the Hipodrom Junction. By directing to Yıl Bulvarı and Ata Boulevard, it will be provided to reach the city center from Mudanya road.
The vehicles coming from the direction of Çalı Yolu (Ahıska Street) were directed to Beşevler Street and Bilginler Street, while the transit traffic coming from outside the city started to be directed from Başköy Intersection to Bursa Ring Road.
During the work, the authorities warned the drivers to fit into the intersections of the intersection areas and the lighted flashers.


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