Izmir Light Rail System 2.

Izmir Light Rail System 2.
İzmir Light Rail System 2. In the construction works of the Tunnel Project and İzmirspor and Hatay stations construction work, the work increase was allowed up to 39.26 of the contract price. Council of Ministers, Izmir Light Rail System 2. Tunnel works of the Stage Project and İzmirspor and Hatay stations allowed work increase up to 39.26 of contract price in construction work.
Izmir Light Rail System 2. Stage Project Tunnel Works, Izmirspor and Hatay Stations Construction Work in the Construction Work Up to 39.26 of the Contract Price Decisions to Allow Business Increase was published in the Official Gazette. The decision was decided by the Council of Ministers on the date of 11 March 2013 at the request of the Ministry of Interior.
Accordingly, Izmir Light Rail System 2. Within the scope of Tunnel Works, İzmirspor and Hatay Stations Supply Construction Project; reinforcement studies to prevent corrosion of existing reinforced concrete reinforcement of cracks caused by unexpected additional hydrostatic effect in tunnel invert concretes; establishing an effective groundwater drainage system based on maintenance and control in tunnels and reducing the hydrostatic effect causing invert cracking and linking the system with the SCADA system; the construction of the shaft-4 shaft inside escape ladder, which becomes necessary against a stability problem that may occur due to the time elapsed since the beginning of the project; In order to establish an uninterrupted fire extinguishing installation, work increase was allowed up to 5 of unit price contract price. The decision came into force today.

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