Intersection Regulation Works in İnegöl

The 'traffic transportation plan' project continues in İnegöl district of Bursa.
Courthouse, Hacı Lütfullah Mosque, Muratbey Street, Kırcalı Mosque, Gazimagosa Street, Avarlar and Fatih Mosque intersections, and now at the intersection of Anafartalar Street Kurtuluş Street intersection began to work. Deputy Mayor Turgay Yel, their goal is to end the increasing traffic issue in the district every day, he said.
Yel noted that the study covers a long process since it will be carried out throughout the district. Currently, the work of redevelopment on the street intersection with the Anafartalar Kurtuluş Street stating that the intersection of Yel, the street in accordance with the standards of the new transfers were done from the beginning.
Yel said, “At the entrance and exit to the junction, there were widths of up to 27 meters. This caused vehicles to enter and exit the intersection as they wish, which posed a danger to other vehicles. Refuges that channeled the entrances and exits to the junction were short. There was a sudden deviation due to the wall located at the exit of the intersection going from east to west at the intersection, which reduced the safety of navigation. The intersection center will be shifted in the north-east direction and the radius will be increased from 4 meters to 7 meters. ”
Turgay Yel stated that the total 500 meter curb and 250 square meters will be laid with the work to be done and the approximate cost of the intersection will be 15 thousand TL.

Source: the bursadabug



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