Ilgazda Ski Season Closed

While the weather temperatures were above seasonal norms, the snow thickness in Ilgaz decreased to 10 centimeters, while the facilities in Ilgaz closed the winter season after the snow decreased and the interest of ski lovers decreased.

Despite the fact that the cable cars were defective during the 20 days and the winter season has been hot on the seasonal norms, Ilgaz Mountain has welcomed the most skiers of the last years this year.

Hoteliers in the Ilgaz Mountain Hotels region said that they had a good season in Ilgaz, even though there was not much snow this season.

Ilgaz Mountain Resort General Manager Hakan Sevencan stated that, despite the low snowfall in recent months, they tried skiing for the last time on arriving skiers and said, 'As of May, we will host holidaymakers who want to take a nature tour and relax in the nature on Ilgaz Mountain. Some citizens came to ski at the weekend, but they could not ski as the snow melted. Now the ski season is over, 'he said.

Source: Morning



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