Tender Announcement: Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Eskişehir Tramway System Rail Acquisition Tender

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Eskişehir Tramway System Rail Acquisition Tender

PROJECT NO: 1997 E 060 0430

Tender registration number: 2013 / 45396
1 - Import
a) Address: Arifiye Mah. 2 September Street
b) Telephone and fax number: Tel: + 90 222 211 55 00 / 1321
Fax: + 90 222 220 42
c) Electronic mail address (if any): auction@eskisehir-bld.gov.tr
2 - The nature of the work subject to the tender,
Type and Quantity: For Eskisehir Tram System
Supply and Delivery of Ri60-13 (60R2) Rail, Type: Ri60-13 (60R2), Length: 42.804,00
3 - Ihalenin
a) Location: Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality
Board Hall
b) Date and time: 20 / 06 / 2013, Thursday, Time 11.00 (Local time)

4 - Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality (EBB), Eskişehir Urban Development Project Component known as 1, in order to gain the city tram system and implementation, which is an international financial institution has received a loan from the European Investment Bank. Within the framework of the Finance Agreement, payments related to this tender will be provided by the said loan. This tender will be an international open tender. Companies and Joint Ventures / Consortia of the countries which are eligible to participate in the tender can participate.

5 - The main purpose of the subject of the procurement is supply and delivery of Ri60-13 (60R2) Rail for Eskişehir Tramway System. All materials supplied ebb'n Eskisehir / stock must be delivered to the site in Turkey.

6 - EBB, material delivery time 8 (eight) months which Eskisehir to Tramway System rixnumx-60 (13R60) Rail Supply and Delivery of operations in which producers and tender subject areas related to the job, if you have enough experience with suppliers invited to submit their sealed bids Bidders happening It is.

7 - Bidding will be carried out according to the procedures specified in the European Union Directive. The tender shall be carried out according to the gerçekleştiril two envelopes aşağıdaki method as follows.
- Envelope A (Technical Bid) shall include detailed final qualification, together with all legal and supporting documents for a single firm or joint venture / consortium, depending on the applicant.
- Envelope B (Financial Proposal) shall include the completed Bid Form and Tender Annexes, Priced Schedule Scores and Temporary Guarantee. Envelope A and Envelope B will open at the same day and time.

8 - The following address can be used to obtain detailed information, to review and / or to obtain the tender documents.

Republic of Turkey
Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality
Purchasing Department
Arifiye Mah. 2 Eylül Cad. No: 53 26100
Wire: + 90 222 211 55 00 - 1321
Fax: + 90 222 220 42 36
ihale@eskisehir-bld.gov.t is

9 - all bidding documents in English and Turkish for the above contract, job name, indicating Foundations Bank Eskisehir Central Branch IBAN No: TR 23 0001 5001 5800 7292 7667 27, 200-refundable fee in the amount of EUR can be obtained from hospitalized at the address above.
Electronic copies of the Tender Documents, the Administration's web page (http://www.eskisehir-bld.gov.t is) in PDF 19 / 04 / 2013 since if there is a discrepancy between the electronic format or any other format incelenebilir.yazıl therefore, when the electronic format cannot be read, the written format will be valid.

10 - Offers, Price Proposal 3% were from (three percent) of the amount to be determined, but not less and offer Bidders must be submitted with bid security in the currency. The format of the preliminary guarantee shall be as specified in the tender documents.

11 - All offers 3 Quantity (1 original + 2 copies) English, 3 Quantity (1 original + 2 copies) Turkish version and English-Turkish texts containing a CD copy of the latest 20 / 06 / 2013 hours 11.00 (local time) on 8 above. will be delivered to the address indicated in the article. Bids submitted late will be rejected.

12 - Bids will be opened in the presence of Bidders, notaries and press who choose to participate in the 11.00 (local time) on the same day. Bids can also be sent by registered mail, but delays in postings are not acceptable. Bids submitted by electronic mail are not accepted in any way.

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