Coach: Domestic auto suicide

Stating that the domestic car will be a "commercial suicide", Mustafa Koç said, 'That book has been closed for us' for the canceled bridge and highway tender. Mustafa Koç, Chairman of Koç Holding Board of Directors, said that the domestic car will be a "commercial suicide", the canceled bridge and for the highway tender, he said, “That notebook is closed for us”.
Mustafa Koç, who came together with a group of businessmen in a closed meeting in Istanbul, made important statements in this special meeting. According to the information received by T24, Mustafa Koç, who put the point on behalf of Koç Holding in the domestic automobile debate initiated by Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan saying "I am looking for a father," said, "The domestic automobile would be a commercial suicide."
'Bridge and highway tender book is closed for us' Another important issue mentioned by Mustafa Koç in the special meeting was the canceled bridge and highway tender. Koç Holding entered the tender with the partnership of UEM and Ülker and submitted the highest bid with 5.7 billion dollars, in which Prime Minister Erdoğan announced that it would be canceled by finding the price low. Addressing the businessmen at the special meeting, Mustafa Koç stated that the cancellation decision did not leave a good impression on foreign investors, and said, "The bridge-highway tender book has been closed for us".


Source: Nationality

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