What will be the future of Dutch Railways

What will be the future of Dutch Railways
Wilma Mansveld, Secretary of State for Railways, will also attend the parliamentary meeting, which will in the long run be the case of the Dutch Railways NS and the State Railways ProRail.

Both institutions will enter a new era after 2015 and will look at the management and management of railways with new agreements.

Among the issues to be discussed at the meeting today will be whether the NS, which was penalized by 2,75 million euros last year and subjected to new sanctions, has implemented certain requirements.

On the other hand, another important issue to be discussed will be the security issue in the railways.

Mansveld has recently stated that the 2 billion euro budget has been allocated for the allocation of the latest European Railway Safety System (ERTMS). Earlier estimates on this subject were expected to spend 900 million euros for the system. Bud urm has sparked debate in parliament.

Stientje van Veldhoven, a member of the Democrats 66 (D66) Party, said on Monday that NS should only deal with trains, lines and trains, and companies operating on railways should have equal rights.




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