Fast train station, stop at every station?

Fast train station, stop at every station?
Bursa is no longer the city of 30 years ago doğru This is very true… But I see the 21. The city of the century was not yet. It is either b A city that cannot benefit from air and rail transportation, what is the difference of a broken table with two legs!

Let's take a look at where we came from. I'll look at the empty glass of the glass… You have to look at it by evaluating it bak

When we look at Bursa in the 1980 years, there was a Bursa that did not have a railway connection with the surrounding cities. Year 2013 insan We still don't have railroad connections today ün I know that the train is being prepared for the high speed train, the projects are being prepared, even the basis for some part of it biliy I know hatta I'm talking about today and tomorrow geç. For the last 8-10, TCDD managers and Transport ministers who have been producing tactics over the years ”There are even projects for more than Yenişehir bile So the… Foundation is being thrown Yen objection doesn't have much meaning. ) How many Transport Minister, who knows on how many TCDD General Manager will see.

Do you know the biggest problem of TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, who was taken by the MPs of the ruling party close to him? Finding answers to the question an Is there a single station to Yenişehir? Is it a double station?, Because one of our deputies says to be a couple, the other one says un It is a train, this is the train, it cannot stand at every station, it is a waste of time istasyon. Dear brother Ahmet Emin Yilmaz wrote, the incident - two of our deputies do not let us work while the TCDD officials, the result is as follows:-Fast train does not stop at every station in Yenişehir. Do not stop at every hour, even stop at one stop if the other one, cross the station if there is a flight expedition stop in the station, or gaza bass, in some cases not stop at two stations, if you need to stop at both stops! Her
Eeee, by Allah's leave, and depending on which window it is looked at, it has become what everyone wants e

It's called a plan, I don't know what it's called.


If you say air transportation. The 1980s had an airport in the city. It was said that this airport was only suitable for airplanes with a maximum passenger capacity of 80-100. 80'lerde a Bursa company 20 passenger passenger capacity Bursa-Istanbul, 90'larin THT's subsidiary THT, 100 passenger capacity airplanes made Bursa-Ankara and Bursa-Istanbul flights.

Year 2013 eli The old Bursa Airport (Yunuseli) is closed for flight. Mayor Recep Altepe's efforts to open this military airport for small planes have been prevented. Rising from the city from time to time, acılık The old airport is transferred to the Turkish Aeronautical Association, motor airplanes, gliders, parachutes and similar training should be given, Bursa civil aviation training base. Thus, the owners of small aircraft in the parking lot and piste, Istanbul-Bursa hobby flights are made. Maybe there are air taxi thinkers. For this reason, ehir suggestions were ignored, Bursa city was stubbornly and persistently sentenced to Yenişehir Airport, where domestic and foreign scheduled flights could not survive. In short, I think even the worst situation in the 1980-1990s about the air transportation of Bursa is considered good today ...

In the middle of this pessimistic picture, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in the period initiated by Hikmet Şahin İDO flights, taking over the flag of Sahin, taking over the President Recep Altepe BUDO Istanbul-Bursa sea bus services take a step further, I also care very much işte The air taxi from Gemlik to the sea is a step forward in applause.

For me, the picture is very clear ı Only the projects planned and implemented in Bursa can take forward.

Source: Tayfun ÇAVUŞOĞLU - I


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